Fashion: Your Best Bro, Tommy John Undershirt


Do you know how important of a nice undershirt? Winter is coming soon, most people think that undershirt is to protect your sweat stains into your clothes, to keep you cool in summer. I may say that undershirt is also important for me in winter to keep me warm.

There are variety choices of undershirts with brilliant knitting technique, excellent material and nice cut to keep you warm and cozy in winter.

Tommy John who provides the best choices of undershirts! I really love their cotton undershirts, their cotton uses an exclusive, breathable smart fabric that wicks away moisture to dry fast and cool quickly. Less sweat, more confidence. In Hong Kong, it’s so important to keep myself cool, the weather is so humidity even in winter! I like to put on a nice shirt and sweater in winter, I may sweat a little when I get to office from outside. A breathable undershirt makes myself comfortable, it’s so important!!

Apart from their material, the undershirt design is also a reason why I love them. They have several designs such as crew neck, V-neck, tank top, fitting for different body shape. The undershirt has to be stay tucked inside my pants! Tommy John can definitely satisfy my needs!!

OK, I talked to much! Please check out their website to see the latest campaigne video, and you shop their undershirts online!!


source from Tommy John

xxx p.


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